The Number One Reason We Take Photos

The Number One Reason We Take Photos Photos have been in existence much longer than cameras have. From the earliest cave paintings discovered around the world, to the modern day selfie, as humans, we want to identify ourselves and preserve the memories we make. Photos are not merely images of our past, but rather they’re … Read more

Grammie & Me Photo Shoot

Those who are lucky enough to be grandparents know all the joys of spending time with their grandchildren and the beauty of babysitting; giving the little darlings back to their parents at the end of the night. recently published an article that said: “Spending time with grandma and grandpa can build emotional and social … Read more

3 Reasons Photo Classes Should be on Your Bucket List!

Reason #1 You’re a photo journalist, and your life is your story to tell. When you know your camera inside and out, it becomes a powerful tool to capture your life, not a confusing hurdle. Reason #2 Everyone enjoys taking beautiful images, but sometimes we only do so by accident! Take control of your camera, … Read more

Our Top 10 Favorite Etsy Shops

Print your Etsy Digital Downloads on!These days, there are so many great Etsy shops that are selling wonderful products.  When looking for an invitation, announcement, room decor or any other digital download- How do you decide which shop to purchase a design from? There are thousands of possibilities and hundreds of shops which makes choosing often an overwhelming task. … Read more

Fireworks Camera Phone Challenge

Nothing says 4th of July like FIREWORKS! There are hundreds of websites with tips and suggestions on how to photograph fireworks. However, most of the sites are assuming that you will be using a digital camera with a manual setting. What about all of those people who simply won’t be using anything other than their trusty … Read more

A Little Story About Ed

Last week while walking down the Father’s Day card aisle, I realized how this year will be so very different than any other I’ve known. Recently, the world lost a renaissance man and I lost my dad. Growing up, he always carried a camera with him. He would capture the everyday moments in life, like … Read more

A Tribute to Dads

To a child, dads are the ones who play rough and roll around in the grass. They play in the dirt. They never get tired of flying kites. They say YES to everything. They really can’t say no. They tell silly jokes and sing songs even when they don’t know the real words. Dads are the ones who microwave … Read more

Congratulations! You did it!

As a parent, watching your child graduate means so much more than a diploma. In a way, it’s a graduation for you as well. You did it. You have contributed to this success as well. You have been right there beside your child every step of the way. You have been their biggest fan and … Read more

Spring Cleaning: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year. It is the time of year in which transformations can be found at every turn. The cold winter weather dissipates, the days grow longer, the sun feels warmer and the flowers begin to bloom. For most of us, Spring is the season that we begin to transform our lives as … Read more

A challenge for Moms

There are simply not enough books, online blogs/forums, advice columns or baby classes that can prepare you for parenthood. You think you know it all and within weeks of having a child you realize – you knew nothing. You knew nothing when you rolled your eyes at that mom in the grocery store with the “bratty” kid. … Read more

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